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Upcoming Events at The ARK
Regular service times: Sunday 11am to 12:30pm and Thursday 7pm to 8pm

Ark Fitness Class
Monday, Thursday and Saturday 6-7 PM
4th Friday 7pm Movie Night and
The Wheel of Favor

with free popcorn and snacks
and The Imagination Station
The  Annual Revival
4th Thursday, Friday and Saturday of October at 7 PM Nightly
Get Driving Directions to The ARK of Salvation

Regular Events at The ARK
God Heals - “Come and Get Your Healing”
Fitness Class
Movie Night
Render My Money Class
Men of Vision Monthly Roundtable
Women of Wisdom Monthly Meeting

God Heals - 7pm on the First Sunday on the Biblical Calendar
CLICK HERE for dates
Make sure that you arrive well BEFORE 7pm.
The ARK doors are sealed at 7pm and you cannot enter after 7pm
although you may exit at any time
If you have physical sickness and illness come and get your healing at the monthly “God Heals” healing session.  God is STILL healing and He CAN heal your sickness.  The “God Heals” healing session is held each Biblical first Sunday at 7pm.  The First Sunday of the Biblical month is different from our regular calendar and is based on the calendar setup in the Bible or the Jewish Calendar.

4th Friday Movie Night
Each 4th Friday at 7 PM come and and enjoy a FREE movie with popcorn and snacks. The Imagination Station immediately precedes the movie. Bring a friend and enjoy a fun-filled night at the movies.

Fitness Class
Mon, Thu and Sat at 6 PM
Come and lose weight and get in shape with professional trainer Ringo Johnson. One hour of top notch physical training. All materials are provided. Cost: FREE

2nd Sunday 4pm
Do you need other women to talk things over with?  Problems, concerns, life in general?
Come join women as they discuss issues relating to women. 
Refreshments served

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Render My Money Class -
Learn how to successfully manage your money.  Taught in six one hour sessions once per month, each session is independant. 

Every 1st Friday Jan thru Jun 7 pm

3rd Sunday 7:30 pm
Do you need another man to talk things over with?  Problems, concerns, life in general?
Come join the Brothers of The WORD and men as they discuss issues relating to men.
Dinner served