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Podcast Available!


Great audio sermons for your spirit, mind, body, relationships and finances

     We will be glad to send you a cassette tape to any U.S. address of any sermon with any donation no matter what the size.  We simply ask you to make a donation of what you feel led to give.  You can make your donation instantly by Visa/MC or Online Check or mail in a check.

Please submit your tape request below and go to the donations page to submit a donation.  They are separate transactions.   We will send your tape regardless of donation size.


1. CLICK HERE to order a tape now on the Internet
Remember: Donation size (as all giving) is not set and is a reflection of the heart.

2. Phone: 24 hours a day 1-404-635-0400

Fax:   Click here to print form and fax it to (404) 696-2480

Mail: Click here to print form and mail to:
    The ARK of Salvation, 355 Georgia Ave., Atlanta, GA 30312
5. Make a tape from the Internet: Click Here for instructions

Terms & Conditions: Donation (any amount)
Shipping Information: Shipped 1st class U.S. Post Office U.S. ONLY
Shipping Time: Internet, fax and phone orders usually shipped within 72 hours

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