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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t get sermons to play on my computer:

Other Questions:
What is the difference between TheOnLineWord and
How often are new sermons placed on
Is a printed version available?
I have a slow internet connection and the sermon keeps stopping.
What do I need to hear sermons?
I would like to download the sermon and listen to it later
I would like to make a CD of a sermon
Can I submit a prayer request?
What are the church service times if I would like to attend a service
How much of a donation should I make for a tape?
Are Internet checks safe?
Are video tapes available in addition to cassette tapes?
Can I make copies of the sermons or place them on my website?
How do I link to a sermon?
How can I find out what additional sermons are available?

Q: What is the difference between TheOnLineWord and VirtualChurch?
A: allows you to listen to specific sermons, by either subject matter, speaker, most recent, etc. that YOU pick. gives you a complete service with all aspects of a full church service that you don’t choose.  It is chosen for you, based on God’s answer to your prayer and what you need.  We call it a guided selection by the Holy Spirit.

Q: How often are new sermons placed on

A: Two new sermons (one each from the Thursday and Sunday services) are usually added by Sunday night.  Just Click “Most Recent” to hear the most recent sermons.

Q: Is a printed version available?
A: Yes, a printed version is usually available within a few days for recent sermons. We thoroughly understand that many have hearing problems or don’t have computers with sound or environments conducive to listening.  The problem is simply resources.  We don’t have the available time (or energy) to transcribe older sermons, format it properly, link it and upload it.  It’s all that we can do to get the spoken versions and recent sermons edited and uploaded for TheOnLineWord and the many parts of  Although thousands listen regularly, very very few donate to help and it takes resources (money) to do things and transcribing sermons and the many associated tasks with putting written sermons on the web are some of those things.

Q: I have a slow internet connection and the sermon keeps stopping.
A: Usually the sermon will play fine on all but the slowest of connections.
You can download the sermon and listen to it later without the Internet click here for instructions.

Q: What do I need to hear sermons?
You require several things on your computer.  First, a sound card and speakers or headphones.  If you can hear sounds other than beeps then you probably have a sound card. 

You only need to download and install Windows Media Player or other media player ONCE.  Once installed, you can play all from any website.  Not only can you play the sermons on this site, but CD’s, hear radio stations, videos and many other media programs from the internet. 

If you do not have Windows Media Player then download Media Player here.  If you can play CD’s and have speakers hooked up to your computer, then you have then necessary equipment.  Second, you need a suitable internet connection.  A good 28.8 internet connection will usually be OK.  Often the internet gets SLOW.  If the net slows up tremendously, the voice may skip or stop for a few seconds and then start again.  This is a result of a slow or congested Internet connection.

Q: I would like to download the sermon and listen to it.  I only have one telephone line or my Internet connection is so slow the sermon stops at times, how do I do it?
A: You can download the sermon from the net to your computer and listen without being connected to the Internet and without worrying about the sermon stopping due to net congestion or a slow connection. 

To download a sermon, simply RIGHT CLICK, not left click but RIGHT CLICK on the sermon title.  In Internet Explorer select “save file as...” in FireFox, Chrome or other browsers select “save link as...” On the Mac “control + click” (hold down the control key as you click) Note: This works with OS 8.5 and higher.

Save the file.  When you are ready to listen simply start Windows Media Player, click “File” then select “Open” and select the sermon file that you downloaded.  If you need help to find files on your computer press F1 and the Windows Help system will guide you through the process.

You may download sermon files when you go to bed or leave home.  That way you won’t block calls.

Q: I would like to make a CD or audio cassette recording of a sermon from the Internet, how do I do it?
A: To make a CD: You must have a CD writer in your computer.  Most newer computers already have CD Writers installed.  Simply start playing the sermon in Media Player then click “File” then “Copy” or “CDs and Devices” then “Copy or Burn audio CD.”  Put a blank CD in the CD writer and follow instructions.
You can usually put two or three sermons per CD.  It is usually simpler to “Right-Click” on the sermon from the Sermon Search results and save the files
to your computer.  Then make a CD from the two or three files.

Q: Can I submit a prayer request?
A: Yes, we have corporate prayer at the church each Wednesday at 12 noon.  If you submit your request for prayer, we will either corporately pray over your need at the weekly prayer service or the Pastor will pray separately over your need.  You can rest assured your prayer request will not go in the trash.  It will be acted upon.   CLICK HERE to submit a prayer request.

Q: What are the church service times if I would like to attend a service in Atlanta?
A: Pastor Nathaniel Bronner generally speaks each Sunday at 11am.  C. Elijah Bronner generally speaks each Thursday at The Week Day Word at 7pm.    Driving directions to The Ark can be found here.

A: Yes, they are brothers.  As Jesus’ disciples were sent forth two by two, both Nathaniel, C. Elijah and James are sent forth as three brothers.  They are three brothers with One God.

Q: How much of a donation should I make for a CD?
A: There is no specific amount.  Each listener has different resources and different leadings of the spirit.  For some, even $5 would be a great sacrifice. For others, a large amount in the eyes of the world would be almost nothing to them.  Giving is truly individual.  That is why we put no price on The Word. 

Although we are a fairly small church we send thousands of tapes to our television audience.  Most from the television audience don’t send a donation.  When Jesus healed the ten lepers, only one returned to say thank you.  We have expenses just as any business or individual.  No one gives us materials for free.   We don’t get discounts for tapes, postage, envelopes, utilities or equipment.  It even takes money to operate this web site. 

Our mission in ministry is not to make money, it is to enrich the lives of people.  That is why we will send CDs without money.   We wish we could do it free but it costs.  Members of the church and a few viewers and web surfers pay most of the cost.  For the real treasure is being stored in heaven.

Do what God leads you to do.  Any donation no matter how small will be greatly appreciated and is much needed.  Your donation will help pay for the many others that were either unable or unwilling to help.

Q: Are Internet checks safe?  I am concerned about sending my checking account number.
A: Internet checks are perhaps even safer than U.S. Mail.  The service, uses 128 bit encryption to secure each transaction.  Many thieves steal checks from mailboxes.  Remember whenever you send a check by mail or give a check in person, the same checking account number and banking information that you give on the Internet is on the check.  You are doing nothing more than giving the info that is on the check and all portions of the transaction are secured.  Click here for additional security information.

Q: Are DVDs available in addition to CDs?
A: No, we have not reproduced any videos except the edited versions for the television.  Although we have had many requests for DVDs, we currently only have audio CDs available.

Q: Can I make copies of the sermons or place them on my website?
A: Yes.  You may freely reproduce them, put them on web sites, link to any sermon, make CDs or cassettes, sell them, or make MP3’s.  All that we require is that you do not alter the messages in ANY way or use them in connection with anything not of a Godly nature.  Again, our purpose is the spread God’s word and to help people.  Anything that can be done to help with the mission would be in God’s will.  The messages are inspired of God and are not the possession of the speaker.  Therefore they are free and for all to use.
     To download a message simply RIGHT CLICK on the title and select, “save target as”,  You will then be asked where to save the file on your computer.  You can then play the file from your computer without being connected to the net.

Q: How do I link to a sermon?
A: All sermons are in the format of: where xxxx is the four digit sermon number.  That file location will never change so you may link to a sermon and it will remain valid.

Q: How can I find out what additional sermons are available?
A: If you click Most Recent Sermons ALL available sermons will be listed on with the newest sermons first. 

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