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You may not realize how special you are but we do and God does.
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Note: Due to credit card processing fees, the minimum donation is $5

You will be given the “option” to “create account” on the payment page. This has two big advantages:

  1: All of your giving records are stored for several years so that you can check at any time and view/print your giving record for any year.  This is great at the year’s end for tax purposes.

   2: Whenever you donate to us again, all you do is enter  your e-mail address and password and all your information except credit card number is already stored so that you will not need to fill it in again.

We hope that you will consider the recurring giving option that will automatically allow you to give your support on a regular basis just like any other church.

There is a $5 minimum because that is the smallest amount our credit card processing system will accept.

We strongly encourage you to join a local church if you are not already a faithful member.  God’s command of law is the tithe (10%) of income.

If you are a faithful member of a local church then tithe where you receive your spiritual food and blessings.  We appreciate all gifts and ANY amount that you are led to send but your FIRST responsibility to give is where you get your spiritual teachings which should be your local church.

If you regularly receive your spiritual teaching and uplift here and you have not found or joined a local church for various reasons, then treat this site as you would your local church and REGULARLY send your tithes and offerings.

Your tithes and offerings will be put to good use to further the work of the gospel.  The pastor does not get ANY of the money sent to us, he does not receive any income from ministry so you can be assured that your money will be fully used to support and promote ministry, not extravagance.  You can view the world mission that comes from The ARK of Salvation at,,,,, and our TV Program.

May God Continue to Bless You - You can’t beat God Giving!

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